Men's Support & Group

A specialization for Complete Game Plan is support regarding Mens's Issues. Even though men have a diversity of issues, many of the practices principles stem from a mens development stand point and are focused on how to instill the essential values for a man to achieve fulfillment in their life.

In addition, Complete Game Plan offers a men's support group in West Los Angeles. The group discusses, collaborates and navigates issues related to the daily rigors of a man’s life. the focus of issues pertain to relationship discord, communication/intimacy, parenting, life transitions, commitment, motivation, and more. 

It's a wonderful opportunity to hear from others who are going through similar issues. Groups meet weekly on Mondays at 7pm.

In order to gain the maximum benefits from the group, participants are asked to make a commitment to regular weekly attendance.

*It is a closed group and lasts 12 weeks so once it starts new members are unable to join.


Mens Support Group in los Angeles with Todd Deutsch, MFT and founder of Complete Game Plan

Mens Support Group in los Angeles with Todd Deutsch, MFT and founder of Complete Game Plan

What is Group Therapy?

Psychotherapy is for people who want to improve their lives. While individual therapy involves one person meeting with a therapist, group therapy involves a small group of unrelated people meeting together with a professionally trained facilitator who leads, or facilitates, a therapeutic meeting. 

We learn from other people all the time. While the initial anxiety people feel about joining a group is universal, many soon find it easier to express their feelings in a supportive group of peers once they have begun. Group participants develop trusting working relationships with each other over time.

Usually in a support group, the focus is a one particular topic or problem that all the members share. Participants share their honest feelings and thoughts about events occurring in their lives outside the group. Participants respond to each other with direct, honest, and respectful information, suggestions, encouragement, and feedback.

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