Athlete Program

The one-on-one program at CGP is athlete-centric, yet individualized based on their pursuit of success  and characteristics that make them extraordinary. The approach focuses on bridging the gap between external and internal prosperity.  This allows the client to overcome professional and/or personal obstacles without destroying the success they have created. The final results are longer careers, positive peer and management relations, maturation with the media, fan appreciation, healthy romantic relationships, and best of all, a genuine approach to life with a strong sense of self.

Thank you Todd for letting me, be me. It feels so good to enjoy what I have created and not question myself. My wife is your new best friend, and my teammates are starting see me as a leader.
— S.D.

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Times Have Changed

The athlete of today is surrounded by numerous challenges as they attempt to thrive in their trade. It has become apparent that many athletes are not given the emotional supports and tools to overcome the increasing environmental stressors. As a result, human performance and well-being becomes negatively influenced. The traditional models of human performance or sports psychology have often focused on the removal of negative emotions or thoughts. Contrary to this model, research has suggested that these thoughts and the manifested behaviors inevitably return, and at times with more severity.

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Self Awareness

CGP utilizes an acceptance based approach, focusing the individual on emotional reaction to the stimuli or stressor by becoming self aware of the discomfort and how it relates to an individuals personal development and performance in their profession. The goal is to develop awareness, to re-write a positive script by changing the patterns through acceptance and understanding (displacing old dysfunctional - negative behaviors and decisions).



The first step to changing the cycle requires the acquisition of a secure attachment through the relationship with the life consultant/therapist. The individual needs to feel safe and validated for the road they have been down and the decisions that have proceeded. Facing the negative is not easy yet essential for growth and the ability to overcome personal challenges. This a commitment that one must make for themselves.  Once an individual can accept his humility, they can then be aware of their role in gaining fulfillment in life. It is time to perform to your capabilities. Complete Game Plan will help you achieve that goal.