I have learned how to tailor my approach to suit the needs of my clients, regardless of age or background. My goal as a life consultant and therapist is to find the method that will best work for my clients so that they can achieve their desired goal.
— Todd Deutsch

Meet Complete Game Plan Founder, Todd Deutsch

Todd Deutsch is a licensed therapist, life consultant, educator, mentor & coach, former athlete and loving father & husband. 

Todd works with both adults and children struggling with a diversity of issues. What distinguishes Todd Deutsch from his peers is his unique "life and relational dynamics" approach to treatment. Todd focuses on each individual's coping and management skills in dealing with life transitions and relationships.

Through identifying and exploring the issues that surface for each patient, Todd has shown proven success in helping his clients find happiness and fulfillment. 

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 CPG Client Story 

I’ve never been very comfortable talking about my emotions. Where I grew up, being a man meant never showing weakness. When I started working with Todd, it was really difficult for me to open up at first. But Todd made it really easy, and I’ve already made some meaningful changes in my life and I’m on track to reach my goals.
— Anonymous CPG Client